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Invoice will be sent via PayPal for the fee.

Our Services & Required Forms

* Please understand that insurance companies may take 14-90 business days to process claims once received*

Our services encompass:

Processing Times

**For Maternity Services, there is a recovery fee of 8% on paid claims processed electronically for Maternity Services**

Please note that due to us being on the phone most of the day with insurance companies, it is best for us to communicate with you via email. Thank you.

Intake Department handles web submissions, creation of client files including all required documentation, PayPal invoicing and initial contact with client.

Benefits Department handles individualized and detailed Verification of Benefits (VOB), In Network Exceptions/Waivers (GAP), Pre-Authorizations and up to 2nd level appeals.

Claims Department handles claims creation, submission of claims, unlimited follow ups and appeals for denials if needed.

d.b.a. SLB Billing 

SLB Medical Group, LLC

Maternity Services
$25.00 - includes all services within the Intake & Benefits Departments

                 **secondary & new insurance verification is an additional $25.
$75.00 - includes all services within the Claims Department

                 **secondary insurance claims filing is an additional $50

  • Verification of Benefits 7-10 business days upon receiving a completed file from the Intake Department

  • In Network Exceptions/Waivers (GAP): 7-45 business days (currently not providing)

  • Pre-Authorizations: 2-15 business days
    **We physically speak to reps on the phone at every insurance company. We do not rely on your "basic" benefits as midwifery care in the home and birth center is quite specific. This can sometimes take a little extra time, as we want to make sure that the benefits given are accurate.

  • Creation and Submission of Claims: 10-14 business days